NISSAN JUKE (F15) Service Manual 


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Year of issue: 10/2013
Publisher: Nissan Motors
ISBN: SM14E00F15U0
Format: PDF
Number of pages: 4590
Quality: Originally Computer (eBook)
Auto Book Language: English
Description: Official manual for repair and maintenance of NISSAN Juke vehicle (model F15) for cars up to and including 2014 in English.
Description for the American market (there are differences in electrical circuits and nodes from a European)
Contains a description of the device of units and assemblies, the disassembly-assembly procedure, data on the repair and maintenance of the car.
It includes a BRM (Body Repair Manual) section containing data on the device and repair of the car body with size schemes.
Includes electrical circuits and the procedure for programming ECU functions.
PDF files with cross-linked files running.
Order of work: launch the fwd.pdf file (this is the table of contents) then select the desired section (links work)
Table of contents in the bottom screenshot, below under the spoiler

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