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nissan juke
new radiator grille Juke
updated mirrors Nissan Juke
new wheels Nissan Juke
enlarged wheel arches Nissan Juke
premium salon Nissan Juke
comfortable interior Nissan Juke
climate control in Nissan Juke
navigation nissan juk
all mode system nissan juk


The compact, innovative Nissan Juke crossover has become even brighter. The car has everything you need to get the most out of your driving experience: surround sound system, intelligent technology and great personalization.

Download a pdf brochure about Nissan Juke.


6 reasons to choose Nissan Juke

  1. Possibility of personalization and individual design
  2. Compact crossover with adaptation for drivers and passengers
  3. Easy control with Nissan Intelligent Mobility technologies
  4. Comfortable and spacious interior
  5. New BOSE® PERSONAL® audio system
  6. Attractive price and credit offer


Paint your Nissan Juke in your own way and make it unique by complementing it with accessories to suit your style. Nissan JUKE has a recognizable design, especially if you complement it with touches that emphasize your individuality.

Download pdf brochure with accessories for Nissan Juke .



The car is roomy enough to accommodate up to five passengers and their luggage. The size of the interior of this compact crossover will surprise you. When the seats are folded, the load capacity of the Nissan JUKE is more than tripled, but even in this condition, the car has a comfortable organization of the cabin.

design juk


Thanks to the comfortable sports seats, the interior of the compact SUV Nissan JUKE is ideal for comfortable driving. Add personalized solutions to this image and you will stand out from the crowd.

comfortable salon

The team wants coffee. Thanks to a few coasters on the center console, this is no longer a problem.

compartment The five-liter glove compartment will hold all your papers, chargers and other personal items.

Chargers Place
the phone in a special holder. It has a USB port and a 12 V socket.

Use a USB connection to listen to your favorite music while charging a compatible device.

Call or answer calls or transfer music using wireless streaming technology, keeping your hands where they should be – at the wheel.

5.8-inch multi-touch screen
Easy to use and operate The 5.8-inch color touch screen supports full integration with compatible smartphones.

keyless entry system The Nissan i-key keyless entry system allows you to open the Nissan JUKE 2018 at the touch of a button on the doorknob, with the key in your pocket or bag. Thanks to the intelligent proximity sensor, this system will only work for the door you are standing next to, making unlocking very convenient and safe.

Engine start and stop button
Start your Nissan JUKE 2018 using the sports car start button. The engine of your compact SUV and the arrows on the dashboard will come to life right away – and you’re ready to enjoy driving.

Heated seats
Heated seats make your SUV so cozy. Heat is supplied to the front seats at the touch of a button. You will be amazed at how you used to do without it.


The new BOSE® PERSONAL® audio system includes six speakers, two of which – Ultra-Nearfield динами speakers – are integrated into the driver’s seat headrest, making this compact crossover model a music lover’s dream. Designed specifically for the Nissan JUKE, this audio system delivers fantastic surround sound and is equipped with fully adjustable controls that allow you to customize the sound to your liking.

bose staff

Surrounding premium sound With
6 speakers, including 2 built-in Ultra-Nearfield под headrest speakers, the trip to the Nissan JUKE 2018 will be accompanied by fantastic surround sound – another reason to choose the Nissan JUKE 2018.

Customize your own
Personalize your audio space with the integrated Space control system ™ for built-in Bose® headrest speakers. Use the head unit to select the level of immersion in the music – from a traditional concert hall scene to a live 360 ​​° sound environment.

Full immersion
Bose® compact and sophisticated speakers built into the headrest provide fantastic sound.


The Nissan Intelligent Mobility concept represents a new look at the role of the car in our lives. It allows you to feel more confident behind the wheel, gives positive emotions and a sense of connection with the world around you. Choose a bolder and brighter driving style with the updated Nissan JUKE. A compact crossover with Intelligent Mobility technology that tracks everything around you on the road to help keep us out of trouble.

Nissan's advanced technology

Nissan JUKE 2018 with Nissan Intelligent Mobility technology is fundamentally changing the way we drive. The car provides a high level of safety and awareness of what is happening around, as well as gives an unforgettable experience. Many technologies, such as intelligent round-the-clock surveillance, lane departure warning or blind spot control, make it easier for you to drive in the flow of public transport, on motorways and even in car parks. If you like to spend time behind the wheel, then be sure to appreciate the compact SUV Nissan JUKE 2018.


The intelligent roundabout system makes the parking process easier and more convenient. It provides a complete 360-degree view around your car, allowing you to park your Nissan JUKE anywhere.

circular review system

Thanks to the intelligent round-the-clock system used in Nissan JUKE 2018, you will be able to see much more, which means it will be easier to park and maneuver. The system uses four cameras that allow you to look at the car and the surrounding areas from a bird’s eye view. And thanks to the polyscreen monitor it is possible to change scale of images of forward and back sites, and also images from the sidewalk that your wheels (as well as your advantage) did not suffer.


Detection of moving objects

If, for example, an inattentive pedestrian or an accidentally rolled food cart approaches your car from the front, rear or side, the Intelligent Roundabout System in Nissan JUKE 2018 will let you know by displaying a warning on the screen.

Lane departure warning

Thanks to this intelligent system, you will always be focused on the road. The system will detect that you are leaving the lane without turning on the turn signal and will warn you to return to your line.

Blind zone control system

Thanks to the control of “blind spots” you can confidently rebuild. This feature of the 2018 Nissan JUKE stability system monitors “blind spots” around the car and warns if a car or motorcycle is found nearby.

Nissan dynamic control system

Nissan JUKE 2018 provides additional stability and traction, as well as increased maneuverability and controllability.


updated beetle


  • 2 new body colors: bright blue – RCA and chestnut bronze – CAN
  • Dimming of the chrome-plated V-shaped radiator grille, headlight units and turn signal repeaters on the exterior mirrors
  • LED fog lights
blue juke
chestnut juke

Equipment name changed:

Base = Visia Base
XE = Visia
SE = Acenta
SE + = Acenta with Navi
N-Connecta option – new equipment
LE = Tekna


2 new exterior / interior personalization colors: orange and blue (black color remains, yellow / white / red removed)



Interior personalization – standard for the new equipment – N-Connecta (including combined seats with colored inserts), as well as for the top Tekna (including black leather seats)

The top version has a Bose Personal audio system (panoramic sound 6 speakers, including 2 speakers in the headrest driver).


Nissan Juke appeared on the Ukrainian market and became the founder of a new market segment of B-class crossovers. With the release of the updated version, Nissan Juke strengthens its leading position in the crossover market.

All Nissan Juke cars manufactured since November 2015 have a fuel environmental class of EURO 5.

updated Nissan Juke


The update of the Nissan Juke has affected the appearance of the car: the design of the front and rear parts have enhanced the premium and sporty features, and now offers a program of factory personalization of the car.


The updated Nissan Juke is interesting from any angle, but the headlights and grille are especially eye-catching. Stylish xenon headlights, LED daytime running lights, a pronounced radiator grille – no outing will go unnoticed.


The body of the exterior mirrors of the updated Nissan Juke has built-in turn signals – you can not miss. The mirror housings are not only practical, thanks to the built-in turn indicators – they can be personalized with branded colors, adding that extra touch that gives the updated Nissan Juke its unique look.


Branded wheels with which you do not have to choose between design and efficiency. Perfect for smooth control, the 18-inch alloy wheels of the updated Nissan Juke can also be personalized with color inserts to complete the unique design of your Nissan Juke.


The updated Nissan Juke has an impressive ground clearance, has a high side line and enlarged wheel arches, which not only emphasizes its assertive aggressive style, but also gives an advantage on the road.


dimensions Nissan Juke

D – Body height – 1565 mm
B – Body length – 4135 mm
C – Body width – 1765 mm
A – Wheelbase – 2530 mm
Number of doors – 5
Trunk volume – 354 l under the trunk shelf, 1189 l max. With folded seats

When developing new products, Nissan always follows its principle of creating innovations that are fascinating and making them accessible to everyone today. The updated Nissan Juke is equipped with the Nissan Safety Shield active safety system, Nissan Connect 2.0 multimedia and navigation system, updated audio system and improved Nissan Dynamic Control system. The size of the luggage compartment has been increased by 40% (up to 354 liters) for the front-wheel drive version.


The changes also affected the interior of the Nissan Juke, which became even more comfortable, respectable and individualized. The front of the cabin is made in a racing style: leather seats with individual stitching and colored inserts, along with a spectacular center console add bright emotions to every trip.


Interior that reflects your driving style and can be adapted to any trip – what more could you want. The interior of the updated Nissan Juke is not only practical, but can be customized just for you. The center console is personalized to your style and taste. We offer you a real premium salon with ergonomic sports seats, personalized center console and TFT screen.


No matter how far you plan to go and how much luggage you take with you, your trip will be easy and tireless. Comfortable driver’s workplace, the style and mood of which are inspired by motor racing. The interior of the updated Nissan Juke is designed for any trip. Sports seats, instruments and a center console in the style of motorcycle racing, as well as a raised driver’s seat not only improve visibility, but also create a positive mood.


The updated Nissan Juke offers even more space for accommodation, organization and transportation of luggage. Thanks to a 40% increase in luggage space, the updated Nissan Juke has become even more spacious. Wet or dirty items can be stored separately from other luggage. You can also fold the rear seat into a flat floor and place a bulky load.

big trunk Nissan Juke


Information on driving parameters and climate control in the cabin is now available on one screen. Temperature control is at your fingertips, providing maximum ease of use and comfort. In addition to chassis control, the car’s dynamic adjustment system allows you to set a comfortable interior temperature. Just switch to climate control mode and the display will show all the settings to keep warm or cool the air.


Stay in touch with next-generation NissanConnect. GPS navigation, internet access, music – all this is always at hand on a convenient 5.8-inch touch screen with anti-glare coating. With NissanConnect® mobile apps, your NISSAN JUKE will be your smartphone’s best friend. Now your favorite music, Facebook (TM), Twitter updates (TM) and much more will accompany you on the road, functioning perfectly through the multimedia system of your NISSAN JUKE.
NissanConnect includes intelligent navigation, Bluetooth® hands-free support and wireless audio streaming, iPod® connectivity, AUX and USB inputs.


All of Nissan’s experience and knowledge is focused on creating the maximum efficiency, power and handling that are embodied in our cars that you drive.


All Mode 4 × 4-i technology provides automatic torque distribution between the front and rear, as well as right and left wheels according to road conditions. Due to the presence of three driving modes, you will be able to enjoy the most effective traction and handling of your car in a variety of road conditions.


Nissan Juke redistribution system

When cornering, a system equipped with multiple sensors will automatically transmit more torque to the left or right rear wheel, depending on where it is needed at the moment. Rest assured – it will be smooth and safe. 

The Dynamic Car Tuning System (NDCS) allows you to change the character of your Nissan Juke at the touch of a button. Get torque, acceleration or economy when you need it, just by switching between Normal, Sport or Eco modes.


Nissan Juke Circular Review System

The rear view camera is indispensable when reversing, but rear view parking alone is not enough. Four cameras located around the perimeter allow you to look at the car from above and see objects around it. If necessary, you can get an image from one of the cameras separately (front, rear or side camera on the right). Some obstacles are non-stationary (for example, carts near supermarkets), then the system of recognition of moving objects will warn you in case of danger.

Front camera – take care of the front bumper
In Drive mode, the front and top views are displayed, focusing on objects in front of you (for example, when entering a garage).

Rear camera – be careful
When reversing, you see everything behind you, and the top view allows you to see small, invisible in the mirrors, hidden from view by the window line objects around. Ideal for jewelry parking.

Right side camera – do not scratch the discs
In Drive and Reverse mode, you can turn off the top view and see how much space is left before the curb.

Left side camera – full picture
This camera is located under the side mirror on the driver’s side. It helps to create a 360-degree image that you see on the screen in both forward and reverse modes.


The updated NISSAN JUKE is equipped with innovative active and passive safety technologies: LED daytime running lights, xenon headlights and LED taillights provide excellent visibility in any weather and time of day. The roundabout system, which uses 4 cameras located around the perimeter, allows you to look at the car from above and see objects around it for easier and safer maneuvering and parking. The complex of active safety systems Safety Shield always monitors the order of movement and so that you do not lose sight of the object in the “blind” area around the car.



Technology that makes sure you don’t accidentally step out of your lane during long trips. This system will give light and sound signals if you start to deviate from the range in which you are moving. The system will stop the alarm as soon as you turn on the turn signal.



The updated Nissan Juke will always insure you in the most difficult road situation. If the car is in a blind spot, the indicator light on the front post in the rearview mirror area comes on. If you turn on the turn signal and prepare to rebuild, the indicator will start flashing and beep.


Automatic recognition of objects around the car when maneuvering. The roundabout system not only allows you to park, but also helps you reverse safely. If a moving object is detected in the moving area, the moving object recognition system will sound and light.


Nissan Juke is equipped with 6 airbags . In the event of a collision, the body design with programmed deformation zones allows the impact force to be absorbed as much as possible, and the belts and cushion system protect the occupants.


The Dynamic Stabilization (ESP ) system automatically activates the anti-lock braking system and anti-slip system, helping you stay on the road and maintain your chosen trajectory in adverse road conditions or various maneuvers.


With the updated NISSAN JUKE, there is no need to compromise: the 1.6 DIG-T engine provides significant acceleration thanks to the turbine together with fuel-saving technologies, compact size and advanced direct ignition technology. Choose the Xtronic variator with sport mode and feel the acceleration wave and the excitement of shifting in this mode. Whichever engine you choose, the dynamic characteristics of your NISSAN JUKE will be high. 

Engine, lPower, l. with.Torque, NmTransmissionFuel consumption, l / 100 km
1.6941405 MT (2WD)6.0 – 7.6
1.61171585 MT (2WD)5.2-8.3
1.6117158Xtronic CVT 2WD5.2-8.3
1.6L DIG-T1902406 MT (2WD)5.6-9.1
1.6L DIG-T190240Xtronic CVT M6 4WD6.0-9.8

The combination of new technologies provides the 1.6-liter DIG-T engine with maximum fuel economy.

turbocharged in Nissan Juke engine

The new high-pressure fuel pump design is used in the direct fuel injection system. Optimization of the combustion chamber, the shape of the inlets and the fuel spray schemes significantly increases the power and torque of the engine. Thanks to the system of change of phases of gas distribution of inlet and final valves (Twin VTC) supply to cylinders of the air compressed by the turbocharger is optimized. This ensures maximum combustion efficiency by increasing engine performance at low and medium crankshaft speeds. Layered mixing and ignition phase optimization lead to faster catalyst heating, ie reduced emissions. By reducing internal friction, as well as reducing the weight of valves and other moving parts, fuel efficiency is increased.

Engine parts use friction-reducing technologies (carbon coating for valve pushers, “mirror” camshaft surfaces, ceramic-coated piston rings). The turbocharged engine is available with a 6-speed manual transmission or with the Xtronic CVT-M6 variator with the option of manual gearshift.

As standard, the car is equipped with a 1.6-liter gasoline engine with 117 hp, which is available with a 5-speed manual transmission and Xtronic CVT variator.



JUKE uses a new M-CVT transmission that improves the car’s acceleration. Adapting the CVT continuously variable transmission to use with a turbocharged engine improves the car’s acceleration.

The NDCS SPORT mode provides a “rhythmic” shift to higher / lower gears.

Optimized CVT transmission control system reduces exhaust toxicity, increases fuel efficiency, etc.

transmission Beetle

The innovative design with an optional transmission provides the world’s highest gear ratio, which is even greater than that of 7-speed automatic transmissions. At the same time it differs in lightness and compactness, and also increases fuel economy of the car.


NISSAN JUKE’s advanced technology is the innovative Nissan Dynamic Control System (NDCS) **.

The system integrates climate control and driving modes. In the “Climate control” mode, the display shows the set air temperature in the cabin, and the icons on the buttons show the direction of air flows in the cabin.

Switching to D-Mode control, the driver selects one of three modes – Normal, Sport and Eco. The selected mode changes the response to the accelerator pedal, the algorithm of the variator, the informative feedback of the steering wheel and climate control settings (for example, in economy mode, climate control reduces its power fuel consumption).


Nissan beetle dashboard

The driver can receive various information about the car’s systems:

Modes on the Nissan Juke panel

Easy perception

Interactive display

Real-time information update

Animation on the screen at the bottom of the center console – here and “weather”, and the degree of pressure of the accelerator pedal, and the schedule of power used, and even the accelerometer! Notice the name change of the keys in the first picture.

Beetle display
On-board computer in Nissan Juke

Control of acceleration of the car and work of a transmission

control modes Beetle

Fast response, high engine speed in SPORT mode.

Smooth driving, low engine speed in ECO mode (economy).

M-CVT transmission in combination with 1.6DIG-T engine

transmission transmission Nissan Juke

“Rhythmic” automatic shift to the next gear (Auto UP) in SPORT mode creates a feeling of “sporty” driving

Control power steering (EPS) settings

Nissan Juke steering settings

The steering wheel is heavier and informative – in SPORT mode.

More linear dependence and easier steering in NORMAL and ECO modes.

Control of operation of the conditioner in the ECO mode (economical)

climate Nissan Juke

Nissan innovation

External air intake control:
Optimizes the amount of cold air circulating in the cabin
Reduces the load on the air conditioning climate control system

Fan control:

Optimizes air supply and limits power consumption






Confident driving, worthy of an SUV, is achieved thanks to the high landing of the driver and good visibility.

high landing in Nissan

Confident driving, worthy of an SUV, is facilitated by a large ground clearance.

ground clearance Nissan Juke

Torque-like torque and improved traction thanks to the torque redistribution system (“traction vector”) (TVS – Torque Vectoring System)

turning Nissan Juke

“Sporty” driving in all road conditions. Improved maneuverability and increased cornering speed. This is the world premiere for cars positioned in the “lower” segment than the C segment.

distribution of Nissan Juke effort

Nissan’s new (more compact and lighter) main transmission and all-wheel drive system ALL-MODE 4 × 4-i (with upgraded torque redistribution subsystem – TVS) interact, optimizing the control of the drive wheels – when maneuvering or driving in difficult conditions. This gives the Juke excellent maneuverability, maneuverability and precise handling, unexpected for an SUV crossover.

The system works quickly so that the car follows exactly the trajectory set by the driver: both when turning and when changing lanes. This ensures safe and exciting driving in all road conditions.

When turning the car, the system transmits more torque to the outer wheel. The difference in torque between the right and left wheels creates a force that rotates the car around a vertical axis. This helps Juke follow the driver’s curve.
TVS determines the desired trajectory (according to the steering wheel angle sensor, accelerator pedal and wheel speed sensors) as well as the actual vehicle rotation (according to the yaw sensor).

The system continuously redistributes torque between the rear wheels to keep the Juke off course.

The TVS system informs the driver while driving.
The JUKE combo display shows the TVS readings in different “traffic” scenarios.

Juke TVS system on display


Here is a color brochure about Nissan Juke .


NISSAN JUKE, a striking combination of sports car and SUV, not only confirms Nissan’s leading position in the crossover class, but also challenges the traditional notion of the small car segment. A completely new view of the creators of the B-Class car is embodied in both the design and technical equipment of this compact crossover.

The extraordinary appearance of the NISSAN JUKE, based on the Qazana concept, is striking at first sight. Several styles are used in the exterior: the massive bottom of the car with plastic overlays shows an obvious kinship with the SUV, while the top with a coupe-like silhouette, narrow windows, hidden rear door handles clearly resembles a sports car.


beetle sizes

Cockpit design that provides driving pleasure and control of the car

convenience beetle


Sports aesthetics are also used in the interior: in the form of seats, in the center console, stylized as a fuel tank for a motorcycle, in the dashboard, in a contrasting (black with red or black with gray) finish.

interior beetle


Thanks to its functional flexibility, JUKE can adapt to most situations.

A wide lower compartment (for 2WD configurations) is hidden under the reclining luggage compartment floor.
The JUKE rear seat (with a 60/40 section ratio) forms a flat luggage surface when folded.

trunk Beetle
smooth surface in the trunk Beetle
folding seats price Zhuk |

The Juke has increased the functionality of the luggage compartment. For the first time, Nissan introduces a tilting luggage rack. It has the following advantages:

  • Has a small mass
  • Rises with the rear door
  • Creates a feeling of maximum space
trunk design in a beetle


The sporty silhouette of the JUKE emphasizes the shape of the windshield and the location of the front (A) roof racks.

The A-stand, shifted back, and the strongly curved windshield emphasize the sporty style of the Juke and provide good visibility.

The surface of the windshield is shaped so that the pressure of the blade of the wiper blade on the glass is the same. This increases the efficiency of cleaning the glass, despite the fact that it is curved.

windshield Nissan Juke

The long hood and hidden wiper blades give JUKE a sporty look.

To make the car look sporty and expensive, the hood was extended. Therefore, do not lift the wiper blades by hand, as they are closed by the edge of the hood. JUKE solved this problem by developing a special program that pushes the wiper blades out from under the hood.

Nissan Juke wiper blades

Details such as headlight washers also improve the appearance of the Nissan Juke. To maintain the distinctive design, small headlight washer nozzles integrated into the bumper have been designed.

headlight washers price Nissan Juke |

Here you can download NISSAN JUKE (F15) Service Manual 

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