Nissan Leaf ZE0 Service Manual


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Year of issue: November 2010
Publisher: Nissan Motor co.
Genre: Operating and Repair Manual
Format: PDF
Number of pages: 4521
Quality: Scanned pages + recognized text layer
Auto Book Language: English
Description: The Nissan Leaf EZ0 Electric Vehicle Repair and Maintenance Manual, issued since spring 2010, contains a detailed and complete description of the repair and diagnostics of all units, including body sizes for body work, motor repair, detailed electrical diagrams, tightening torques, assembly and disassembly of units and assemblies, steering, air conditioner, all electrical devices and control units, the necessary special tool, as well as other information. The distribution contains an electric vehicle operating manual and a navigation system control manual – both brochures in English.

Add. info: Nissan Leaf is built on the new Nissan V platform, which the electric car shares with the Juke crossover and the small Micra of the 2011 model year. An 80 kW electric motor is located under the hood, the torque reaches 280 Nm. The electric car drive is front, power is drained from a lithium-ion battery weighing 300 kilograms (located in the bottom), with a capacity of 24 kW • h at a voltage of 480 volts. This model weighs 1500 kg. positioned as the most massive (in the near future) electric car in the world. At the end of November 2010, Nissan LEAF was declared the first winner of the 2011 European Car competition among electric vehicles. The start of full-scale sales was announced for the first quarter of 2012.

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