HUMMER H1 2006 Service manual


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Release year: 2006
Author: General Motors Corporation
Genre: Repair and maintenance manual
Publisher: General Motors Corporation
Format: PDF
Quality: Originally computer-generated (OCR)
Number of pages: 1679
English language

Dealer repair and maintenance manual.
Those who decide to carry out their repairs must have some training and limit repair of components that cannot affect the safety of the vehicle or its occupants.
If replacement parts are required, we strongly recommend purchasing through an authorized HUMMER dealer. It is very important that spare parts meet or exceed the manufacturer’s specifications. Vehicle performance and personal safety may be at risk if other than factory parts are installed.
Installing additional accessories or making modifications is not recommended as they may affect the driving performance of the vehicle and personal safety. AM General Corporation is not responsible for personal injury or property damage resulting from the installation of optional accessories or modifications to the HUMMER.
Compliance with all safety precautions as outlined in this manual can greatly reduce the risk of personal injury and vehicle damage. However, it is unlikely that AM General Corporation is considering all possibilities.
Warnings, cautions, and notes used in this manual to assist service personnel when performing maintenance work. These statements are intended as a reminder to trained and experienced service personnel.

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