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The era of hybrid and electric vehicles has arrived. All countries of the world are beginning to think about the environment, tightening environmental standards for large automakers, which in turn are forced to release electric vehicles that are gaining popularity in the world. Mitsubishi Motors Corporation is not inferior to its competitors in development and also surprises everyone with its ECO creations. For sale in Europe, the company introduced the beloved crossover in the electric version, the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, and now it can be charged from a power outlet.

Mitsubishi Motors plans to increase the production of electric Outlanders by 20% within 3 years. The future has already arrived!
Externally, the Outlander has not changed much, only PHEV badges appeared on the sides and on the tailgate, and the ground clearance has decreased. In the cabin, the same well-known interior of the model loved by many has been preserved, the quality of finish and assembly has been preserved, the interior is pleasant to look at and touch. This car does not have a transmission. The trunk volume has decreased by only 14 liters, but unfortunately you will no longer find a stowaway there, a power cable for charging is located under the floor.

Mitsubishi outlander PHEV review and manuals

The hybrid refueling scheme is now more popular than purely electric. But so far, electric cars have one problem – batteries that take up a lot of space and weight, and the need for frequent recharging. You can drive an electric car only in your city, knowing where you can charge it. You won’t be able to go on a long trip on an electric one – the supply of electric charge is not enough.

The principle of a hybrid system is that the wheels are driven by an internal combustion engine while recharging the batteries. Also, the Outlander can only ride on an electric motor or in tandem: a gasoline engine with electric traction. This option is simpler and more maintainable, it allows you to travel on discharged batteries. Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV (hybrid) has the ability to charge from external power sources. All wheels of the PHEV are powered by two electric motors, and the internal combustion engine is used only to recharge them.
Now about the engine that charges the battery: this is a regular two-liter engine, which is installed on a regular Outlander, but with less power – 121 hp. (on a standard Outlander – 141 hp) The electric motors are slightly different from each other, both give out 60 kW each but have different torque: 137 Nm front and 195 Nm rear. They also differ in cooling systems: the front one is cooled with oil, the rear one is cooled with antifreeze.

The battery of the new Outlander hybrid can be charged in four ways
The first is from a regular outlet, using a special cable: it will take 5 hours to charge to 100%.
The second way: from a special socket at 16A – in 30 minutes – up to 80% charge.
The third way is called On-The-Go, ie. charging is carried out from an internal combustion engine and in 40 minutes the battery will be charged up to 80%.
The fourth way is to charge the battery from braking the car.
Mitsubishi Motors gives a guarantee for electrical components – five years or 100,000 yew. run. About durability, the company says that only after 10 years of operation, the battery capacity will drop by 20%, but no more.

What conclusions can be drawn about the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV hybrid?
The car is excellent in management, quiet, beautiful, high quality. In the city, PHEV is very economical – it consumes from 1.9-2.4 liters per hundred. But on the track, with the batteries added, it will eat up to 8.5 liters, according to the results on a full tank (45 liters), it can travel 850 km, but this already depends on the driver’s driving style. Well, let it be, because it is still much more economical than the gasoline Outlander and crossovers of other brands.

So far, the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV hybrid is not officially sold in Ukraine, but experts predict considerable popularity for it: such an Outlander remains a reliable all-wheel drive crossover (the gasoline version of which has proven to be a high-quality and reliable car) – this confirms the number of its sales. In addition, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation has established an adequate the price of the Outlander in our market. Whether this will be the case with the new electric Outlander – we’ll see in the near future.

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