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Release year: 1998
Author: Charles White
Genre: Repair manual
Format: PDF/DjVu/(fully recognized)+DOS
Quality: Text Recognized(OCR)
Number of pages: 221
English language
Auto translation:
This book is about collecting trouble codes as well as understanding and testing the salf-cflagno9is element of the modem’s engine management system. it
The Automotive Diagnostic Trouble Code Techbook is a companion volume to Hines’ engine management and fuel injection manual, and for a complete understanding of modern engine management systems, the contents of both books must be studied.
Book one gives a technical overview of SEH-tiiagnosis. Other chapters describe equipment testing arid general test procedures for individual components, which riay be indicated as faulty by the presence of a stored fault code. Finally, each vehicle manufacturer is given a specific chapter with an exhaustive list of fault CODAs, details on how to obtain codes, and other pertinent information and information. Even if the reader has no intention of actually trying to troubleshoot problems on his or her own vehicle, the oook still provides valuable self-diagnosis information.
On the other hand, if you enjoy the task of electronic diagnostics of equipment failures, this book will provide you with most of the background knowledge you need to test the components and circuits on your engine. Generally, we will cover how to diagnose faults with simple tools and equipment that will be available from the finest automotive retail parts.
Note also where the use of more specialized equipment is needed, and descnbe some of the common procedures used by a professional garage trader.
Systems described in the manual: Bosch KE-Jetronic / Bosch KE-Motronic / Bosch LH-Jetronic / Bosch Mono-Jetronic / Bosch Mono-Motronic / Bosch Motromc / Daihatsu MPi / Bosch EZ-K and EZ-L Ignition / Fenix ​​/ Ford EEC IV and EEC V / GM/Delco SPi / GM Multec / Isuzu l-Tec / Lucas 11CU and 14CUX / Lucas LH / Magneti-Marelli G5 and G6 / Magneti-Marelli 8Fand 8P / Mazda EGi / Mercedes HFM and PMS / Mitsubishi ECl- MuIti / Nissan ECCS / Proton ECl-MuIti and ECl-SEFi / Renix / Rover MEMS / Rover PGM-Fi / Saab Trionic / Sfemens Bendix MPi / Siemens MS4.0 / Simos / Simtec / Subaru MPFi / Suzuki EPi / Toyota TCCS / VAG MPi and MPFi / VW Digifant / Weber-Marelii lAW.

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