Volkswagen LT Diesel/Turbodiesel 1975-1996


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Release year: 2003

Genre: Repair and maintenance manual

Format: Djvu

Quality: Scanned pages

Number of pages: 136 pcs

Description: The manual contains comprehensive information on the installation and repair of diesel and turbodiesel modifications of Volkswagen LT from 1975 to 1996. Designed for car owners and car service specialists. A variety of information about installed engines for the LT family.

Add. Information: The extensive LT family includes flatbed trucks with a single or double cab, all-metal vans with a normal or high roof, utility vehicles (Kombi), minibuses and chassis. Their total mass ranges from 2.8 to 5.6 tons.
As a long-time lover and connoisseur of “square” LTs, I can immediately say that this description is completely true for LT models released before 1993. Modified and refaced versions 1993-1996 are not fully described here. There is no information about ACT, ACL engines and wiring changes.

Download Volkswagen LT Diesel/Turbodiesel 1975-1996 Manuals

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