Volvo 740 & 760 Repair Manuals


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Release year: 1993
Format: PDF(Fully Recognized), DjVu + DOC(Unedited)
Quality: Text Recognized(OCR)
Number of pages: 403(406)
English language

All presented petrol models:
Volvo 740 GL and SE; 1986 cc
Volvo 74 0 Base, GL, GLE, GLT, SE and Special ; 2316cc
Volvo 740 Turbo and 760 Turbo; 2316cc
Volvo 76 0 GLF- 2849 ss
The purpose of this manual is to help you get the best value from your machine. It may do so in some way. This can help you decide what work needs to be done (even if you decide to get it done through the garage), maintain and maintain information and be given a logical course of action and diagnosis when random defects occur.
However, we hope that you will use this guide when doing the work yourself. On simple jobs it can even be quicker than taking the car to the garage and going there twice to park and collect it. Perhaps most important, a lot of money can be saved by avoiding costs, the garage must pay off to cover your labor and overhead.
The manual has drawings and descriptions to show the function of the various components so that their format can be understood. The tasks are then described and photographed in a step-by-step sequence so that even a novice can complete these jobs.

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