TOYOTA Land Cruiser 80 Repair Manual


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Platform: .pdf files
Quality: Good – scans from original documentation
System Requirements : Acrobat Reader
Interface language: only English
Description: Manual for repair and operation of the car TOYOTA Land Cruiser 80 (1990-1998)
Repair of the engine, suspension, manual transmission, automatic transmission, handouts, air conditioning, wiring diagrams.
You can download a separate file that you are interested in.
1.1pz_1hz_1hd-t_engine – engine repair. 348pp.
2.fj_hdj_hzj-80_series_chassis-Introduction – car maintenance. 19p.
3.Pages from fj_hdj_hzj-80_series_chassis-AC system – air conditioning system repair. 81p.
4.Pages from fj_hdj_hzj-80_series_chassis-Auto Trans – automatic transmission diagnostics. 49p.
5.Pages from fj_hdj_hzj-80_series_chassis-Body – body repair with frame dimensions. 101 pages
6.Pages from fj_hdj_hzj-80_series_chassis-Clutch – clutch repair. 25p.
7.Pages from fj_hdj_hzj-80_series_chassis-Electrical Wiring Diagrams – electrical wiring diagrams. 44pp.
8.Pages from fj_hdj_hzj-80_series_chassis-Manual Trans – manual transmission repair. 56p.
9.Pages from fj_hdj_hzj-80_series_chassis-Propeller Shaft – cardan repair. 9p.
10.Pages from fj_hdj_hzj-80_series_chassis-Service Specs – specification. 27 pages
11.Pages from fj_hdj_hzj-80_series_chassis-SST and SSM – special tool. 11p.
12.Pages from fj_hdj_hzj-80_series_chassis-Standard Bolt torque – bolt tightening torques. 3rd page
13.Pages from fj_hdj_hzj-80_series_chassis-Suspension and Axle – suspension and bridge repairs. 158p.
14.Pages from fj_hdj_hzj-80_series_chassis-Transfer – transfer case repair. 92p.
15.Pages from fj_hdj_hzj-80_series_chassis-Winch – electrical repair and mechanical winch. 55pp.

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